A Medicine Woman's Offering

I will not rescue you, for you are not powerless.

I will not fix you, for you are not broken. 

I will not heal you, for I see you in your wholeness.

I will walk with you through the darkness, as you remember your light.

Electronic payment required once appointment is scheduled

Informal Information Sharing

(15 minute free phone call for new clients) -

Let's get to know each other a little better. Find out which offering is best for your present moment. Choose from: Energy Treatment, Sacred Dance session, or any of my Remote Offerings. 

Read your Stars

(60 minute ZOOM video call $100) -

Light is about awareness. If we become aware of the information that the Universe is sharing with us - we can better navigate the path ahead. This is an empowering twist on an Astrological reading. Learn how to intuit the Stars and how Cosmic energy affects your life for yourSelf, (birthdate, time and location required). An informative PDF, copy of your birth chart and recording of the session will be provided after the appointment. 

Feel your Phases

(60 minute ZOOM video call $100) -

Exploring the dark offers us a chance to bring more light into our lives. How does your unconscious get reflected back to you? What hereditary or learned patterns disrupt the flow of your life? This is an empowering twist on Lunar Astrology. Accessing the hidden realms of your Psyche through the phases and transits of our Moon. (birthdate, time and location required). A Lunar journal, copy of your birth chart and recording of the session will be provided after the appointment. 

Grounding Session

(30 minute phone call $44) -

Feeling un-grounded, up-rooted, or frazzled like an exposed wire? This 30 minute phone call will guide you into the Earth, then up and through our body as we use meditative words and visualization to bring you back into balance. Remaining fully connected to the above and below is essential in healing.

Creature Confessions

(60 minute phone call $80) -

Come all ye wicked sinners. Whisper your secrets into my cauldron. Tickle my ears with your desires. Stress, shame, anxiety - can be symptoms of the so called "bad" things we have done or maybe would like to do. Now enters the expression, "Get it off your chest". Our hearts are weighed down by these thoughts and feelings swirling around like a neurotic loop of self punishment. Stop torturing yourself! Let me have it. Allow me to transform your burdens into energy. Witness and feel the release in your body, mind and Soul. With zero judgment and so much appreciation, I will lather your internal creature with love and acceptance so you may do the same. A Prayer or playful penance will be provided at the end of the call. 

Existential Therapy, Embodied Meditation, Energy Therapy - 

(See offerings page for pricing and details) -

A holistic, somatic and intuitive approach to the traditional idea of talk therapy. My training in trauma work, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Interpersonal Neurobiology combined with additional tools such as Energy Healing, Shadow and Integration work - help us to conversate our way deep  into your Psyche. By understanding how neurological activity is affected by genes, personal experiences, and our relationships - I  can better assist to rebuild and reconnect these links to achieve a healthier internal balance. Can be remote or in person.