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"I woke up a bit more - because I was born within a dream"



AIR. Like the air we breathe, love is something we need to survive. 

Love needs to be completed - like a circle, it should be given and 

recieved. Never expected but always acknowleged. X was born and showed me this the instant I saw him. I saw the Universe in his eyes & felt Unconditional love from the Earth and the Cosmos. For him, 

mySelf & then for everyone. Love - not the emotion, but the energy

is the most powerful force in the Universe. Everyday we can choose

to love our lives & each other. We are human, so we stumble. But this is what I strive for. To be loving. To love my pain, my anger and my discomfort. To find out what its trying to teach me. To raise my personal vibration and contribute to raising the collective consciousness of our world with each breath. Each inhale. Each exhale. Being heart centered.


"Whatever arises, Love that" ~ Matt Kahn 

EARTH. Like our bones & blood, the elements that make up our bodies can also be found in the Earth. Without a healthy planet, we cannot live up to our full potential in this skin. S was born & showed me this - with his body, his unspoken language and his energy. He was uncomfortable, he was not well. The bandaids created by mainstream sickcare were not helping. So I turned to our Mother Earth & to healers that were able to bring him back to balance with food & good medicine from nature. This created a ripple effect & soon I was able to heal myself. I have met many healers on this path - including myself. We cannot fully heal without the active participation of ourSelves. Let us assist each other in healing ourselves & Mother Earth. 


"Your bodies ability to heal is greater than what you've been conditioned to believe"

FIRE. Like the fire that destroys and transforms, learning can be a beautiful act of surrender. Being brave enough to let go of everything we have been taught and strong enough to rebuild our beliefs from a place deep within ourSelves. This is why I am choosing to learn in a fresh way. To follow my desires and what I am called to and to learn how to be a creator of a better way for myself and those around me. This is also why my family chooses to Homeschool - to teach and learn from eachother at our own pace and in a way that is natural for us. Currently we appreciate the philosophy of life learning, TJEd and Waldorf education. 


"Education is not the filling of a vessel, but the kindling of a flame."

~ Socrates


WATER. Like the water that flows through our lands and bodies, we are nourished and cleansed by loving and living. It flows in and around us - teaching us clarity & re-birth. We can flow, like water down a river. Allowing our lives to happen & being a co-creator of our worlds by our choices & intentions. What we let go, what we hold on to and what we are. Letting the energy flow through us and expressing ourselves in a way that feels natural. For me, that comes out in writing. Guided by my higher Self and suported by Spirit. Find what cleanses you. What teaches you. What makes you feel born in each new day. 


"Love in action is the grandest expression of your higher self"

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