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Sacred Dance  ~

Is a well-being movement practice. It is essentially a moving meditation using music and words to inspire a dance, guided by Soul. Listening to the songs of Spirit, allowing yourSelf to be danced. 


Along the healing journey we can come across blocks. These are many times externalized by an unconscious internal belief - sometimes a toxic emotional habit or thought pattern. These Self guided movements lead us to ways we can clear, release, and retune our Energetic systems of the body. 


Sacred dance can move us through an affirmation of who we truly are. Using spontaneous dance, creativity and your imagination, it leads to an awakening, a discovery of your true self. 


Movement can lead us to deeper healing and balance. By surrendering to the music, dancing from the inside out we find ourselves awakening and healing ancient threads. Realizing blocked emotions or memories and opening ourselves up to levels of spiritual connection higher than we ever thought possible. 

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