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Hide & Seek

A game, a childhood pastime, a metaphor. It starts out as an idea – you hide and I seek. Can you close your eyes and imagine being that small child again? Searching for the perfect place to hide, crouching down or squeezing in. Waiting for the footsteps of your playmate, feeling your heart pound within you and all around you. Listening to your own breath and feeling it moisten your skin in the darkness. The anticipation building as your “spot” becomes more and more comfortable. Then the veil is quickly lifted and you are found. How could you not want to play this over and over again? I remember well, and I am reliving it now with my boys.

Children have a way of reintroducing you to yourself. Some call it the “inner child”. I like to call it the “true self”, the original and unaltered spirit of your soul. Who you were before the world and the people in it clouded you. When it’s my turn to hide, I walk into a closet from my past. I remember the girl I once was and I feel good. Because I’m still that girl. The girl who would choose hiding over seeking. The girl who was relaxed in that closet, thinking her thoughts – knowing she wouldn’t be seen for awhile and being perfectly content with that. The girl who would hide, even when there was nobody around to seek.

So here I am. That little girl got bigger and grew into this woman, in this world. And although I still sometimes think deep and lonely thoughts, I no longer have the desire to hide. My true self has been seeking and it’s light is once again in my heart. I’ve come out of hiding and I’m not afraid to be seen.

Are you hiding or are you seeking? Are you really looking? Are you ready to be found? Don’t be afraid to be you.

Find your way ~ Jess


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