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…a little brighter.

Sometimes she sinks back into the darkness… She lets the words and actions of other people weigh her down. Heavy like an anchor, thick and hard. She lays down in the cold, feeling that all-too-familiar ache. Finding comfort in the numbness.

She knows she doesn’t belong here, she knows she’s stronger than this – but she needs to rest. Just for a minute. Then she remembers who she is. Deep inside. Brings it back up to the surface…

She opens her eyes, she raises her head and slowly…she fills back up. She remembers her story and the song in her heart. She gets up off the ground as if lives depend on it. She throws the cellar door off her back and walks up into the sun. A little wiser and stronger than she was before. Shining a little brighter.

Find your way ~ Jess


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