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Surviving Souls

At a farm visiting the animals today when we came across a goat with his head stuck in the fence. His name was Petey and he was labeled as the mean goat. Maybe that’s the reason people just kept walking? He was crying. He couldn’t get his head and both horns back through and his legs which were standing halfway up the fence seemed to be getting tired. I looked at my two little boys to gage their reaction. X (3.5) was visibly saddened while S (2) seemed an even mixture of confused and concerned. So, I knelt down and looked the animal in the eyes. He looked panicked and tired. I saw his plea as we made eye contact so I told him that I would help. He relaxed a little and let me turn his neck every which way, push his head, tug at his horns. Everything I could possibly think to try, I did – and he let me. The bad news? It wasn’t working.

Finally two woman with children approached and asked what they could do, so I sent them to go find a farmhand. I continued to try to help little Petey while taking little breaks to talk to him. As I held his head in my hands and spoke to him he softened. They boys and I pet him and rubbed his sore neck while telling him he would be OK and that we won’t leave him. At this point, the other humans we’re gone and we were being soaked with chilly hard rain. For a second the boys wanted to “find shelter” as X put it but then they admitted they too did not want to leave Petey alone. The three of us hung out with him and waited. My hands cupped his chin, the sweet little guy closed his eyes and rested. Soon, I saw someone around the corner who appeared to be an employee. So I let go of Petey and ran to get his help. The little goat instantly started to panic and call out to me. I ran back to him and he relaxed again as soon as he heard my voice. S just kept petting him with a worried look on his face. X held on to him and reassured him with phrases like, “it’s ok, don’t worry.” & “don’t be sad, we help you.” My heart was full, overflowing and growing. As the farmer approached us he grumbled, “Thanks but he would eventually free himself” (which could have been true, I’m not a goat expert), so we all took a step back so that they could do their work. By this time we were pretty wet and cold so I scooped up the boys, we said goodbye to Petey and headed for the car. As I write this, I’m wishing we would have stayed to see him get free.

This story may not be all that entertaining. But for me it was yet another epiphany in my layers. As a mom, I was able to “mother” an animal. Soul to soul I felt the connection, respect and appreciation for the other. My own children not only witnessed it, they reached into their hearts and grabbed out handfuls of love. They stayed in our bubble of compassion and let the moment sit inside their heart – forgetting that they were wet, cold, missing their lunch and most likely getting bored. The memory of today may fade, but the experience and lesson has changed their hearts and brain forever. And that’s all I could ever hope for.

Find your way ~ Jess


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