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Into the woods...

I take my body into the woods…

With each step I drop a notion.

These things don’t belong in here.

My hands feel lighter, letting go.

Deeper and deeper into the woods…

Deeper I breathe. Deeper in me.

Shoes come off, rhythm of feet.

Soft ground, moist skin.

I thank Mother Earth, I fall to her.

Gently I rest, connected.

Her bedding around me.

Body unfolds, around to my back.

See... Branches, Stars, Air.

My arms reach, the sky in a touch.

Tingles up my arm. I breathe.

Inhale so deep, never ending.

Rise, shedding clothes and running.

Blood pumping in veins. Warm.

Fire burns, in and around.

Marry the wind, heart pounds. Alive.

Stop. The skies release. Exhale.

Each drop, like an animal crawling down.

Throat screams, beautiful noise.

She joins me and the wild calls.

I taste it. Salt, dirt, life.

I feel it. Awake in me.

Untethered Spirit, born in skin.


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