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Music Magic ~

Music. Artwork on the canvas of silence. It can vibrate your soul and send waves through your blood. It can wash away the dust from your life. It can hit you in that special deep spot and allow you to experience pain or joy in a whole new language. A language of the heart. It has the power to bring us to tears, carry us back in time and to move our bodies as if our skin and bones were nothing but a carriage for the Soul. It lights up both sides of our brain allowing us to think and feel at the same time. I thought I'd start sharing songs that have affected me somehow. Turn it on and listen...turn it up and dance from the inside out. Let there be magic...

Piece # 1 (lyrics & video for your enjoyment) ~

"Beyond" by Daft Punk

Dream, Beyond dreams Beyond life you will find your song Before sound, to be found close your eyes And rise... higher still... endless thrill To the land of love Beyond love Come alive, Angel eye Forever watching you and I You are the night, you are the ocean You are the light behind the cloud You are the end and the beginning A world where time is not allowed There's no such thing as competition To find our way we lose control Remember – love's our only mission This is the journey of the soul The perfect song is framed with silence It speaks of places never seen Your home's a promise long forgotten It is the birthplace of your dreams


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