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Look Up

Noticed and appreciated at the at&t store this morning...

About a year ago my "style" of parenting at the same store was received with frowns and head shakes. I did not tell the boys to sit still and close their mouths. I did not hand them a "tablet" and a lollipop in return for their silence. I let them explore and be who they are. Today we were received very differently. As the boys wandered the store - sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. As they talked to each other - sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly. As they played hide and seek, eye spy and checked for dust bunnies with their mini flashlights. I let them be - I felt calm in their presence, grateful for their joy. Nobody was stifled.

At first the 10ish people ranging in color & size, sex and age, profession and culture pretended not to notice. Then I began to see them all smiling, then giggling to themselves, then lifting their heads from their devices to watch as well as listen. They became brave, connected with their Spirits and looked at me, smiled kindly & told me how cute the boys were. Then they began talking to each other about their own children or grandchildren. One woman said she had neither. She admitted to us, "I don't make a lot of phone calls but I need a better phone to take pictures of cute kittens and post them to Facebook." For real - she exists and she is beautiful! We agreed to find each other and become friends. Score!

I could feel the energy inside the store changing. Happiness, love, vibrations rising. A man and I noticed we both had the same water bottle so we cheers'd (yes thats a word) - everyone laughed. Not because it was funny but because as we became comfortable with our common humanness the tension in the room was lifted. We felt "allowed" to be ourselves. We were part of a moment together, the present one - where all the sweet stuff is. We werent thinking of the past, worried about the future - or stuck with our noses in our phones. And we werent afraid of each other.

People are tired of the way things are. People are done with this feeling of dread. We don't want to be fooled anymore. We know we are not on the Earth to destroy it and each other. We know we are made of LOVE and therefore so is everyone else. We feel the spark of the Divine in our hearts - we recognize it in our neighbors. We understand that this light is not acknowleged everywhere and that there are many dark places in our world. Yes, there is work to be done. But we have a choice. We can grumble under our breath, keep our heads down and shuffle through the crowds of misery. Or we can look up and recognize. We can stand there shining like a lighthouse. We can acknowlege the love that we are and be brave enough to sparkle. Open your eyes. See... hear... FEEL what you know to be true and don't let what they taught you be your truth. We know better. Heart overules!

Find your way ~ Jess


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