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Grateful Heart

Where I live, there is a tree. She is beautiful, giving and wise.

She does not belong to you or me - she just is.

She stands strong.

Rooted in mother Earth, branches stretched towards the stars.

Unable to move - yet she is free.

She weathers storms, power-lines and softly falling snow.

Still, she gives so fearlessly of herself.

She is connected to the love that connects us all.

She understands the force that brings us life.

And she knows me.

She knows my happiness and sorrows.

She knows my heart and intentions.

When I am weak and weary I go to her. She pulls up a chair.

Sometimes I cry, sometimes I talk, always I appreciate.

Always, she invites me in...

to just breath...and to feel the love that I am. As is she.

I've wrapped my arms around her countless times.

I feed her, the disinigration of life. I see my children do the same.

I visit her and find a wilted flower layed at her feet. I smile knowingly.

Recently in deep meditation I was asked to go to my safe place,

without hesitation this tree filled my mind with her beauty.

I could see her, smell her, feel her all around me.

She let me know that she loves me too. And she isnt just with me when I come to visit.

She is with me always and everywhere. And will be forever.

Thank you Beautiful Tree. Thank you Mother life.

<3 Jess


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