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Last night, I told the boys a "story with my throat" , as Xander likes to call it. I let it roll as I often do...

Once upon a time, there were two brothers made of stardust who fell to the Earth. They were so tiny, they were often mistaken for a firefly. If you looked close enough you could see their little eyes and smiles. But nobody ever noticed them. People were sometimes distracted, too busy, or had forgotten how to believe in magic alltogether.

One night, two human brothers asked their mom if they could go outside and play. They ran out back and started their games. The light brothers spotted them and floated down to watch, maybe a bit to close and not realizing that the young humans were still believers of magic. The brothers looked up and saw the little lights. They wondered if they were fireflies and stepped closer. The big brother said to the little brother, "Look! They are little lights with faces!". They were amazed - even more so when the lights started dancing around their heads. The human brothers could hear them, although not with their ears. There was no language between the two sets of brothers but they understood each other. And they knew each other were friendly.

Just then, their mother called them inside. The four brothers exchanged their goodbyes and fled back to their homes - excited to tell their mothers about the friends they had just made.

The End.

I asked the boys, "So, do you think their mothers belived them?" Without hesitation they replied with a confident, "Yes!" Then Xander told me he knew who the brothers in the story were. He said - the human brothers were named Xander and Silas and the light brothers were named Xander and Silas too. That they were the same. And we have to believe in magic because its what we are all made out of.

This was just meant as a story, not a lesson. But as they always do - I had my eyes opened a little wider. From the mouths of my little teachers who choose to be believers.


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