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let it burn

There it is. Its uncomfortable, its demanding.

Feel it. Understand it. Know what it wants.

Know it to be a message, its not bad or good - it just is.

It wants to open you up. It wants to make you see.

Feel it tug you to a deeper place, the pit where old wounds flare.

Go there. Go all the way, one last time.

Get to the bottom - of the meaning, of the lesson.

Allow it to hurt, to sting and burn you to tears.

Succumb to the madness it brings you.

Reach for the memories that are fuel to the flames.

Sufferings allies you pushed below.

Hold them. Breathe them in, like an armful of roses.

Let the thorns draw blood. Then throw them to the wind...

Sweeten and salt the Earth with forgiveness and gratitude.

Its demanding because it needs to be heard.

Its uncomfortable because it wants to be healed.

Its painful because it wants to be loved.

Give it what it wants.


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