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Happy Birthday

Last night I dreampt of darkness. A black abyss, with me in the center.

I was surrounded by nothing and everything. I felt no fear, no joy - I just was.

After a few seconds I saw images in the distance. They were horses, wild and free - and they were running towards me. As they approached me I realized they were giants.

If they were to run into or over me, surely I would die. But these beauties were not here to harm me. As intimidating as they were, four times my size. They were merely a message, although a forecefull one...

To continue to open, to awaken even more, to take the next step no matter how forbidden it feels.

To not be afraid. Spirit is with me...guiding me and protecting me.

To know I am worthy, to remind me of my divinity, to inform me that there is more to my being.

In this moment I am here. I was and I always will be.

All the while, still becoming what I am...


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