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With You

"He will always be with you."

I've heard these or similiar words spoken to others - I may have even said them myself.

But I never truly understood what it meant. Until now.

I always assumed it meant that the memory of your loved one would never fade.

That their love for you and your love for them will always be in your heart.

That the things you learned from them will go on as you teach others.

But it means so much more than those things. At least it does for me.

It's his protecting arms in the gentle breeze.

Not all the winds that blow, but the one that stops you in your tracks as your walk outside.

It's the granted wish from the whispers of your heart.

Not anything you can hold in your hands, but the exhale that reminds you - all is well.

It's his subtle guidence when your feeling lost and tired.

Not the answer you finally think of, but the wide-eyed wisdom from the mouth of babes.

It's his beauty in the world all around.

Not the pictures you hold in your mind, but in the river that flows and stars in the sky.

It's his essence that resides inside of you.

Not your features that appear as his did -

but the nature of your kindness, the tune of your song and the glimmer of your light.

The light that is of Him, of You, of Spirit.

As I sit here writing this, I can feel him beside me.

As I watch his grandchildren dance, I can feel his joy.

As I breathe deeply - I feel connected. Not just to him but to The All.

And I know, he will always be with me and I with him.


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