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I Am

I once had a dream that I was a witch. I left a trail of sparkles wherever I went. My very presence healed the sad, ill and wounded. I was known by many. I was loved beyond measure. I made no mistakes and taught to the masses. Men would drool at the thought of one glance under my mystery. With all eyes closed I dreamt of the fairytale inside. Willing to accept my darkness as wrong - simply for not understanding it. Shrouded in the kind of darkness that hides the lonely, wishing to be made of the kind that caresses the light. And then we realize we no longer want to be trapped inside the shell of pretending. No matter how beautiful the lie - reality gets in. The body feels bent and broken, no longer able to house the soul of a liar. Emotions clouded by what the ego had created instead of anything real. The Spirit slowly sinking, drownding in tears that nobody can see. And as I Iayed there, restlessly in the dark - I pondered the idea of changing. Of letting go. I considered the idea of jumping off of this life I had created. The one I had grown to accept, no matter how false I knew it had become. If I plundged myself off this ledge would I automatically awaken to my intended reality? The knocking on this door of illusion had grown to loud to ignore. So I took the leap. One eye open, then two, then three. They say that if you jump, the net will appear. This is not true. There are many stops on the way to self evolution. And we lose - what appears to be so much. It hurts, its confusing. But its liberating. The freedom of the Self. Shedding what no longer serves our highest good. No longer willing to be the builder of my obstacles. I woke up and realized that I am not anything and I am everything. I have no title. The trail I leave is invisible. I can only heal others by healing myself. I am known by no one. Love itself has evolved out of emotions. I make many mistakes and I learn everyday. The only mystery is what I have yet to discover. Or what I am still too afraid to see. And I trust that all will be revealed to me at the right time. With all eyes open I no longer dream of a different me, in a different world. I only watch as as the world around me changes beautifully as the girl inside becomes herself.


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