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Hear Her Call

When nature gives herself to you. After being ravaged and used by kind men. When she drops down in front of you showing you life but pleading for yours. Offering your breath its sweet elixir. Your life should be lived beside her. When she spreads open before you. She's asking to co create, not reach in and take.

I embrace her gift as an invitation. A welcoming to a place I have no directions to.

A place in need of love and illumination. There. There is where I wish to be.

I accept her request with appreciation.

Even without yet understanding what she needs of me.

I have a deep knowing that when the time comes, she will call for me.

She knows that I will answer.

If it's water she needs ~ she will lead me to streams, and I will give her water.

If its soil she needs ~ she will lead me to fertile land, and I will give her soil.

She feels me therefore she knows me.

She feels our love for her.

She gives us breath, she gives us water and she gives us gardens.

It is time. She needs us now. Walk gently upon her.


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