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The Last Piece of Pie

I've always loved this time of year.

Late summer through to the end of Autumn. All the way to the first snowfall.

This year is different but the same. As am I.

A different time, a larger view.

I've learned a lot from my Father. Before and after he left us.

Starting with my birthday, the anniversary of the start of this life - everything begins to die.

We see it in nature constantly, yet as humans we never seem to get used to the death of things.

But death as we know, is a part of life.

The exhale after the inhale, the reward after the trying, the bow after the performance.

And as some believe - it is just another beginning.

The breath goes on far beyond the body and long after the tree has fallen.

What is it we fear exactly? That we didn't live all that we could? That we weren't kind enough?

That we didn't see who we wanted to see or do what we came here to do?

Where do we let go of fear and hold on to our bliss?

Now. Right now. Only now.

The peace of giving in...falling....letting what will be, be. Letting what is, be just what it is.

Ah, this season. The crisp air and warm sun.

The late bloomers beginning to grow. Standing tall... showing the beauty of waiting, of patience. Preparing to step into the spotlight as everything else falls down around them.

The animals leaving or foraging for their survival. The wild nature of the breezes.

Mother distracting us as she cleans up, working hard - the cycle of of the seasons.

We must go on.

All you have to do is walk outside.

Can you feel the energy of things shifting? All is energy and what you feel is real.

The night time sky reminds us of other worlds, of how small we really are.

Yet the moon - so big and bright, screams to us of our power.

What inside of us is sick? Heal it.

What inside of us is broken? Love it.

What inside of us is in pain? Transmute it.

Let all that is not life be buried.

Let all that is not love be transformed.

Let nature show us the importance of change.

No matter what life has us experience, we must find a way to love ourselves through it.


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