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Invisible Lines

I am so grateful for the many beautiful experiences in my life. Recently, I had the honor of folding sheets with a Woman from Germany. Not speaking much of the same language we were still able to love each other. Under the glow of the super moon seeing into each other’s eyes. Connecting our energy to do the work. We walked towards and away from each other criss crossing the soft material, instinctively feeling which way to move, which side to fold. We had done this before. We’ve been women many times and in many places.

Suddenly I felt the weight of Country. A country is land, water, plains, mountains. And something called borders. Something that exists in our minds, in drawings, in words. Countries are colors on a map. An inclosure of legal containment. Countries arise when the leaders of war have finished killing off or enslaving the indigenous population. Borders are the chalk outlines of bodies, the victims of ancient and modern crimes.

Where I was born does not make me who I am. I am Jessica and I want everyone to make the space they inhabit better by using their heart not by following the rules. Just that one tiny space - be fully there. Begin there. For yourself, for all Life on Earth and for the land that lives to sustain us all.

Painting by: Edvard Munch - Dance on the Shore, 1900.


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