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Labor Pains

The pain of childbirth is not everything it is perceived. A woman rearranges her guts to provide home for a Spirit deep inside her core. During these 10 months of mutual growth more than just her body is shared. Cartilage forms, organs appear as if magic. Flesh expands inside and out. A beautiful experiment of creation. She does this not knowing anything of the outcome. She does this happily. And as she straddles life and death daily - for her and the dual life she’s living she begins to question everything. And these questions only lead to more and more questions. As her questions grow so does her awareness of the answers - residing inside, hidden in the chambers of her own heart. Soon, the only thing she can think about is the precious life coming through her. On the day this galaxy wrapped in flesh finally emerges from her, she herself is re-born. From maiden into mother. Her world is forever changed, her growth seeded on a new level.

Then the real pain comes. When she sees with clear eyes the world that we live in and the world that so easily can be birthed through her vision. If only they would listen. The pain comes when she realizes she lives in a world where her instincts are mocked, her fears ignored and her love, unprotected. She lives in a world that not only doesn’t honor motherhood but makes it something that needs to be defended. The pain comes when she realizes how much of herself she smothered to please others. As she raises her daughters to be strong enough and raises her sons to be brave enough the pain turns into passion. She knows she has to live a life that inspires change no matter how hard it gets, no matter how lonely she becomes. She can lose so much more than her girlish figure, the career she burned herself for, and her silly ideas of love. But none of that matters. For she has gained the strength to hold worlds in between her hips. You see, the young ones are watching her closer than most realize. The Feminine has been stepped on for far too long and in those bootprints rises a power. Generations of children are awakening and they will not forget where they came from. Generations of children are born with big, knowing eyes and we will not let them sleep.


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