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I feel you. It can be tough out there. And actually, quite literally - I feel you. As an empathic person I feel what is going on around me. I feel the emotions, thoughts and intentions of others. I see through lies. I read body language better than an FBI agent. I hear the silence behind words and I know where they stem from. Since I’ve been studying for many years I have learned how to be this person. I have grown into my abilities. But sometimes, when I am knocked off center and become un-grounded... 

Bam! It hits me. The weight of the world.

I have felt loneliness in my other-worldliness. But most of the time, now that I know better I just rock myself back to peace. I say there, there to my precious heart and I allow myself to be a part of worlds and worlds. I feel the badness, the goodness, and a lot of times I just feel what is needed. I am in love with continuing to learn how to share this gift. 

Recently, as a woman I've felt invisible. One of the things I’ve learned as an empath is how to sit with the feeling and go deeper until I find its source. I figure out if it belongs to me or somebody else. And on one night in particular, as I traveled into my feelings I found what I was looking for. In a whisper I heard, "this feeling belongs to all of us".

So I decided to release all the feelings inside of me that I knew were not mine. The untruths. Anything unworthy of who I really Am. Any reminders of awful things that have been said to me. Any misconceptions or beliefs that have nothing to do with me. I allowed myself to bloom a little bit more. Just as I do every single day. But on this night that wasn’t enough, I wanted others to feel seen as well. I want everybody to bloom. I always do. I wondered what else I could possibly do to help. So I found a simple art decal that said bloom on it. I actually didn’t put much thought into it just thought it was pretty. I thought about sharing it with one or two Women I knew. I went on Facebook and ended up sending it to almost every single woman on my friends list. I was tending to the garden.

I didn’t just want to say something simple and generic, there is already too much of that. I wanted it to mean something more. I sent it to the women that I know well or have known well in the past. I used my memory of them, my current witness of them, and my intuition to send everyone a special message. Something I thought they needed to hear. I didn’t need responses because the more I did it the more my heart sang. Honesty. It’s healing. Saying something lovely to a person even if you’re no longer a part of their physical reality. Lifting the weight of the world can be as simple as that.

And then I was done. But now a new feeling tugged at me. This experience taught me something I was not expecting. About 95% of the women replied - asking me how I knew exactly what to say and that they needed to hear it right at that moment. I noticed that some didn’t quite know what to say, and that’s fine too. Because many of us have been there. We don't know how to swallow sugar if we have spent most of our life being fed poison. A few women actually forwarded me my post asking me if I meant to send it to them. They thought it was a mistake or maybe I was even hacked. Kind words are no longer expected. And they damn well should be.  

Every word you speak is a domino. A nasty comment pollutes. No matter what you think of it’s recipient. Its the energetic equivalent of throwing garbage on the ground. It collects. Until all we can see is garbage. Until all we can feel is madness.

It is the end of times. The signs are everywhere. Even ask the religious who follow the book of revelations. Its coming. However, it is not "the end" in the way the old fear based stories want us to think. Say this out loud. Feel it in our body. Listen.... "the world AS WE KNOW IT is coming to an end".  And isn't that a good thing? The new world will be birthed from our collective heart.

Find your center and mind yourSelf. Emote yourSelf. Be in your Body. Live as your Spirit. Connected to the All. As a being following heart over rules. Allow yourSelf to bloom. And then tend to the Garden. 


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