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Born with questions and expecting the right answers. Always. The light in her center is constantly curious about the details. Her gentle feminine nature forced outward to study the complexity of life. The systems of her body giving her clues to the truth. Her mind exists in fluidity and she is able to respond to new information with growth.  But her external reality is constricting, she does not have permission to flow freely. She is reminded over and over again that rebellion is considered misconduct, and that the playground in which she plays is too dark. Shyness and loneliness prevail until insignificant matter begins to cover her inner experience. Trying so hard to fit in perfectly with the life that has been prescribed to her, intent on memorizing who she is supposed to be in order to disguise how she really sees, feels and responds to things. Her heart becomes camouflage to all she encounters and she forgets her core desire for ultimate truth. She is unable to do her work, to be serious of her mission and her questions. Overshadowed by perceived authority -  the lessons begin to stack. One on top of the other. Killing her and reviving her - over and over again, always in somebody else’s image. But her resilience is her power and she slowly begins to remember. She does not speak of her power, only guides the pen to paper. Overwhelm has taught her that she is rooted in silence. 

Children come back to breathe life into the one in her, to invite play back to the yard - no matter how dark it has become. And when the sun rises again, the worlds that she holds within are uncovered. She plunges deeper into herself, through the layers of sorrow and loss to find again her voice. The one who knows and is connected to truth.  Saying in so many different ways – here it is, here it is again. I have found it over here. The living proof the nature is totally alive, that the creative power is everywhere, and that all of it yearns to be given a voice, to be celebrated, to be acknowledged by one who can read into the vast and penetrate to the details bringing Stardust down to Earth. 

Lessons turn to discipline and slowly but surely she grows strong enough to hold what she is meant to receive. Inside there is a pulsating, and intensely alive and overwhelmingly primal Lifeforce.  For this is her legacy, to express the truth of her heart. She rises to a place that is above problems. There is no good, there is no bad. Her empathic nature gives her the gift of listening to others.  She is one who notices. While her ability to put things together helps them to understand their pain. She needs to be a part of the mix, as the ingredient we all need – so that the earth comes through and speaks and dances and reminds the others that they too are gloriously strange.

"Anne" ~ Virgo, 5th House ~ Sun & the North Node. Conjunct Saturn. Trine Chiron


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