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Lunar Eclipse & the Great Conjunction


  • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer trine Neptune 01.10.20

  • Uranus stations direct in Taurus 01.11.20

The portal opens gently but with an unstoppable determination. We know how far we've come by the amount of turmoil we feel within the eye of it. Is it pure, terrifying chaos? Or spontaneous Energy being given as a gift. A chance to put the pieces back the right way. By saying yes to the moment. Feeling into it. Allowing it. Making friends with the force that is begging us to find our center. No longer making choices away from it. No longer responding unless were inside of it. It is here that we are able to find security within the ebb and flow of evolution. 

The power of Earth initiates our integration into the new timeline. Inspiring us to feel gratitude for the climb, not just the view. While the force of water moves our emotions until they are lucid, transforming our feelings as we experience life as a whole person. This cycle is loaded with surprising combinations that teach us how to honor our inner and outer foundations simultaneously. 

The misaligned Matriarchy can be just as damaging as the Patriarchy that we’re breaking out of. We are not meant to wage war on either side, but to embrace both - within and without. By grounding our Souls to the Earth and doing the work of clearing the ancestral lines. Incorporating the inner Mother and Father by healing the child within and praising her as she grows up. As SHE rises and HE descends, they will meet together at our hearts. The balance igniting a Love affair older than time. It will be our remembrance.

(see below for affirmations intended to integrate the balance)



  • Evolutionary Conjunction of 2020 ~ Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn - conjunct Mercury, our Sun, and Ceres 01.12 - 01.13.20

Winter is not just a season of the year. It is a season within a lifetime, and we move through it many times. The weather of this cycle flavors our moods. The emotions that swirl around the sky of our awareness. Capricorn is at the beginning of this season, bringing stability to our attachment to Earth. If we are wise, we fall to our knees. Not to blindly worship an unreachable god. But to connect with HER, bones to bones. Earth to Earth. Ashes to Ashes.

To achieve full integration of the Self with the world, we do not have to DO anything. We simply must BE our most complete Self. An inward extension of the Heart. A Self examination that began with a promise. The Self fulfilling prophecy of becoming full. 

There is a conversation taking place in the Heavens, and all are in agreement. This interaction is forthcoming, and at the same time - has already happened. The gentle contraction began in our cells over two years ago and steadily crept out to our skin, overtaking the design of our lives and environment. Our pores open as the unshakable flow of Karma flowed in and out. Our Soul guiding life’s experience, a great test of dedication and Self responsibility. 

The Great Teacher: The methodical guidance of Saturn reaches higher. Opening a stream of wisdom that connects within. The challenges that have knocked us down, are the same ones that will lift us. We have been taught. But it is our responsibility to learn, by being present with the obstacles of life. To remember all there is to undo. If the voice within criticizes, then it is not your own. Boundaries become energetic as timelines split. And consequences come to fruition based on our interpretation of a situation. Yes, beliefs do equal the experience of the outcome. 

The Lord of the Underworld: The destructive power of Pluto descends lower. Tearing down what holds you back, whether you are ready for it or not. We have been forced away from the light. Pulled under until we open our eyes to the truth. Illumination will forever be restricted, if we don’t take it to the shadows. We have been killed and revived, over and over again. Each time a larger surrender as the gatekeeper to the Soul loosens his grip. Every cell reborn in orgasmic fury. 

Our day Star: As the collective skin sheds we find ourselves on soiled land. No markings to lead the way, no paths from where generations have walked. This new awareness comes from the inside out. The map and signs are felt within. No longer do we blindly follow old rules that bring harm, clutter, and remorse. A naked revolution lead by the Children of the Sun. No sleeves to wear our hearts, no masks to hide behind - we simply are. The keepers of Gaia are awaking to new treasures, to hidden librairies, and the sands of time. Each grain a crystal reflecting back to us what we already know. 

Messenger: The energetic messages of Mercury resonate within. Our hearts connect to our throats to reveal our deepest honesty. No longer betraying ourSelves by not accepting new ideas. It is our time to hear all languages. The Spirit of expression activating all that we have become aware of. We are allowed to grieve what we have chosen to walk away from. Wipe those eyes, open wide and listen - we are being called towards a deeper belonging.

The Great Mother: The dirt we are made up of shakes loose as Ceres floods this World with nourishment. Like the Mother who intuitively knows why her baby cries. Many have forgotten the dark in which we were born from - and how to return there again and again to be reborn. Constantly facing the light does not serve the dark that is longing to be noticed.  To be disciplined is not a punishment but a devotion to something we love. To Mother ourselves through the process of letting go of each stage of life we outgrow - while still remaining responsible for the gardens in our care.



  • I will nurture the feelings that are born in my core,  while attaining a higher vantage point by calling forth logic. 

  • I will love mySelf and others unconditionally and be strict about my boundaries without making them walls.   

  • I will empower the ribbon of my Heart to safely flow through me in my home as well as in the World. 

  • I will notice any discord between who I am and what I do, then adjust mySelf with purpose. 

  • I will master my ability to live free by not allowing my inner and outer values to compete. 

  • I will honor the dark that creates an idea while blessing the light that guides it through to completion.

Find your Way

~ Jessica Thompson

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