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Everything has a beginning and an end. Or does it? The beginning of time, the birth of a baby or an idea. The first post on this blog or page or light beam sent to your computer screen. Why am I doing this and what is my plan? Do I even know? The more you know the less you believe. It’s alright to not know. One thing I know is that I have always had thoughts and feelings come to my head – swim and fly around, screaming to be heard. But I’m the shy type so I write them down and feel a little better. Another thing I know is that I am listening to my instincts more and more each day. By listening to the words inside and acting upon them, I hear myself, I feel myself, I heal myself. I am more at peace. And I hear these words louder and more clear each day. So, what does that mean? Well, it means I’m inviting you to join me in this new “beginning”. This little walk down my road, following my heart map. I’m inviting you to read what I write. Or don’t read it – up to you. Listen to what your heart tells you to do. And don’t ever be afraid to not know.

Find your way <3 Jess


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