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This post is dedicated to all the Mama’s in FB land who have ever said something like this to me, “Show me how to be more like you.” Guess what? You ARE like me. In the way that you are beautiful, kind, sensitive, put others needs before your own, and have an inner strength that never ends. You make mistakes, apologize – all while teaching and learning. You are exactly who you need to be at this moment and you are everything your family could ever need. I apologize if I’ve ever made you think that I am an amazing mom, a grateful wife and have it together all the time. I don’t. Who does?

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, sometimes I’m lonely, sometimes I’m impatient and sometimes I’m lost. Sometimes I overreact, sometimes I cry, sometimes I misinterpret. Sometimes I need some “me time” and then sometimes – I feel guilty. I am human and I am real.

Is there a difference between you and I? Of course there is. Everyone is different and for good reason. We all have our own instincts that take us down our own path on our specific journey. Do you listen to your heart? When anyone ever asks me for parenting advice – I usually have just one very important thing to say. Know your story, act out your love and listen. Nobody knows you and your child the way that you do. Mama’s, Papa’s or anyone for that matter, LISTEN. There are messages for you inside your heart. You just have to listen for them and watch for signs. If you can do this for yourself, you can guide your child to do the same. Help them find their own inner voice, be true to their authentic self so that they are less likely to lose their way. Does the thought of that peak your interest? Take a class or read a book about meditation, your aura and your chakras. Too willy nilly, pagan, weird or otherworldly for you? Find a Neuroscience book that sounds interesting. Find out why there are brain cells in your heart and gut. You might be surprised.

Find your way ~ Jess


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