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Oh these boys...

They fill up all the empty & broken pieces and make me whole again.

They are little gifts for my soul. How can I ever repay them?

By letting myself heal and allowing myself to grow.

So that I can be strong enough and wise enough to be what they need.

So that I can be inspired and empowered to give them a chance to live their best lives.

To give them the tools inside that they need to get through the hard parts of life.

To help them stay whole, so that they don't need to be fixed one day.


I actually wrote the above paragraph October, 30 2013 - around the same time this photograph was taken. I felt the need to share it again. After a long day, or if I'm feeling tired and scattered - I reflect on these words. I hold these two people in my arms and take a deep breath as I feel the healing powers of love. The power of simplicity. The power of being present. Each moment is a gift to cherish. I will forever be grateful for all the love shared before me & all the love still to be given.

Find your way ~ Jess


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