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Feel Me Roar

Quietly, gently I fight.

Not with fists nor words.

By living my way, by writing hard from the guts.

Louder than any anger I whisper.

Not with expressions of hate or fear.

By epiphanies, luminous and mystically conveyed.

To stand up for what I believe.

Not by shrinking your being but by standing tall in mine.

By being invisible yet expanding beyond recognition.

I do not wish to be better, wiser, more fortunate.

Not just equal in our rights, but respected in our ways.

By being who I am meant to, by knowing what I am here for.

I see what is unseen. Hear the unheard.

Not just being aware of the above and below.

By being mySelf at the center of I... Us... and the All.

My love is an energy, a reality, a manifistation.

Not because of emotions, who we are or what we did.

By reconizing it as the reason for existance. The answer. The way.

I dig deep into our Earth and hold her as she's holding me.

Not to conquer or abuse, but

by recognizing that she is life. By asking her for forgiveness. By listening to what she needs.

Silently I roar as I reach towards the sky.

Not with desparation or separation from the space and stars.

By bringing all into harmony, what is felt, what is known. That every breath is sacred.


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