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There is so much animation in our world. From the bewildered who cling to suffering; to the searchers, reinventing joy. Underneath the lives we see on paper are the beginnings of what we are. The fallen embryos... the seeded soil. The mighty feeler can often become burried under the weight of this shared heart. It is not our job to dig out all who have lost their claws. To determine who need us in order to bloom. We are only meant to rise ourselves. To bring the truth of who we are into the sun.

We mustn't worry about what needs to be done to save the world, to bring forth justice. This weight is too heavy for even the strongest to hold. It is not our destiny to be pinned down by the cries of the collective. We arent meant to do anything but to be exactly who we are. Allow your Soul to dance in the awakened body and blaze forth the trail to your own answered prayers.

This is not selfish, it is self love. They shook up your emotions to make you think otherwise. Arranged your mind to lead you astray. Let your fears settle. Let all your anger, sadness and confusion fall to the ground and the rain will come to wash it away. Bleed... turn inside out over and over until you have given birth to your Self. It is this child of the stars who will walk forward and change things just by being. Filled with the love of worlds and worlds, the wisdom of our inner guidence and the support of the All.

There is a kindness in your Being that sprinkles light across the world. There is an answer in your choices that ripples new questions over the old. When you send energetic waves of love, there is someone in the world who feels it. There is a softness in each conscious step that walks us into paradise. The New Earth children. Being born and re-born in each restored day.


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