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From That Day Forth

The fire comes. It destroys. It levels everything you thought was certain.

It burns through you, screams at you - that pain, is a real living thing.

Dizzy, trying to catch your breath you fall amongst the ashes.

And through the devastation, the grief - you see who you really are.

One who will dissolve into the embers, or one who will rise and create anew.

And in your rising, you find you are different.

The mended cracks grew stronger.

Fire sweeps in and then it's gone - but the burning lingers.

It is up to us to decide. Will the burning kindle our deepest yearning or crumble us.

There isn't a day that goes by when I dont think of you.

For different reasons and in so many different ways.

These thoughts float by - bringing with them the awareness of you.

You and I - and all that we are.

And in the center of that awareness I can feel your guidence.

That I don't have to wait until my body falls away to find grace.

That grace itself is in the trying, in the being.

That we are able to erase our own pain.

But we must also learn to fill up the empty spaces with love.


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