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We can't always understand why someone does something that hurts us, but we can choose to let it harden or soften us.

Stay soft. Expect love. Don't harden and wait for more pain.

We can't always help someone who is not ready. These are not our choices to make or problems to solve.

But we can always be loving, we can always be kind.

We can't always make things right or find answers in unjustice. It is not for us to judge.

But we can stay silent in the center of the storm.

And allow their own cutting words to echo in their ears.

Being human is not always easy. There is no perfection in this living. But there can be wholeness. There can be goodness, if that is what we choose to continually give.

We need to remember that we have to include ourselves in the love that we give. We have to take care of our own hearts. So when someone is being unkind and the circumstances are confusing.... just let go.

Forgive your misteps, forgive everyone around you. Move forward as the light inside.

Allow life to happen in the way it is meant to without fighting what is uncomfortable.

All will be well.

I wrote the following to help me with these moments. As a reminder to take care of myself durring the hard parts.

Find your way <3 Jess

I do not wish to engage in a war with your deceptions.

I only wish to be love and to be true.

I am free to stand in the light as time illuminates all.

And if your actions cause darkness to fall upon you,

I will still be love and shine it on you always.


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