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In This Together

After having a lovely conversation with a friend this morning, I was feeling rather opened up. The kind of feeling you get from exposing your heart; being vulnerable and honest in the presence of another. And something she has been telling me for a long time really sunk in. Vulnerability is strength.

As I breathed in the energy of her words and breathed out the gratitude I have just to know her, I reached for my everyday pendant and looked at it. Studied it. I simply love this pendant and have from the moment it was given to me by Joe and the boys on my 38th birthday. Two moonstones and a sun stone, also known as a Peridot. My birthstone, my friends birthstone. A gem worn by healers who have been healed.

The Sun, holding itself out in the open continuously shining as life revolves around its love. And just as the Sun reflects off the Moon, life happens in phases. There is always more light to shine and more darkness to reflect on.

As a healer, standing in front of one person who is asking for illumination - our intuitive senses can guide us to offer them the light that they need. Softly, without blinding them with the pain of exposing their shadows. It is delicate and personal, like the dance between the Sun and the Moon.

As a healer drawn to heal themselves and others through the power of authentic expression the wound from which the light comes can often grow. As the light fills your heart it brings with it the unhealed shadows that need to be released before more light can stream through. Like the tide rolling in to clean up the oceans. Like the tears that fall when we are moved. As you figure this out you push through so many layers of pain and love... and soon the love is so overwhelmingly beautiful that you want to find more ways to share it. So you write, in hopes of touching the heart of another.

Sharing your personal thoughts on a larger scale is both healing and difficult. You have no way to control who you will reach or how they will recieve your message. The light of your personal truth can bring up the unhealed energy in others, just as it did in yourself. Like the Moon, the life phase that they are in determines what is reflected back to you. This can not be taken to heart. For in order to rise and shine in each new day, we must bow our heads in reverence and allow the moon to have its time in the dark.

Aim your arrow straight and clear. Release. Do it for you. Strike your match. Believe that you can make the World a better place. One spark at a time.

Find your way,



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